Certificate in Linkedin Advertising

In this course participants will learn about tools and techniques used for LinkedIn Marketing.We are going to explore how can we use LinkedIn to fulfill our B2B Marketing objective.


 Why Study LinkedIn for Business

Linked in is more than the glorified professional networking ,Linking is more than a job seeking site, and even though it is a social media site it is different from Facebook. We will be taking look into how to establish your audience on LinkedIn and find an engage with exactly right prospects, Candidate and partners.We will examine how to establish your corporate and business presence with company showcase pages and how to meaningfully engage with your new audience to grow your visibility, personal or company brand, Do more business and make money.

Instructor Experience

Over the past several years the instructor as a professional LinkedIn consultant  has learned what to do and more importantly what not to do to get results in LinkedIn marketing 


Introduction to Linkedin

Welcome Notes
Syllabus Discussion
Prerequisite Check for Linkedin

Linkedin Sponsored Advertising

What are linkedin Ads?
Understanding Linkedin Ads Options
Buying Cycle of Linkedin Customers
Know your advertising goals
Setting up business account

Linkedin Sponsored Updates

Features of Sponsored Updates
Budgeting Strategies for Sponsored Updates
Creating a Sponsored Update Campaign
Measuring and Improving Metrics

Linkedin Text Ads

What are text ads
Targeting Text Ads
Targeting New Audiences
Customer Life Time Value
Bidding Strategies PPC vs PPI
What Works & Sell Best on Linkedin
Metrics Based Decision
Sponsored Groups
Display Ads
Sponsored InMail
Lead Accelerator


Spending on Linkedin Ads
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This course is available in English Language. So basic understanding of English is must for students enrolling. In future we have plan to roll out course in other languages.



Due to COVID19 Pandamic, most of schools,colleges, institutions and universities are closed. This has seriously impacted future of students.Their careers are now at stake. Government has proposed online education as the solution to this issue. So to align with this we have reduced the course fee for all diploma and certification programs. On top of that new students can get flat 10% additional discount using coupon code SKILL20. 



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Lectures: 24
Video: 38 Hours
Level: Beginner
Certificate in Linkedin Advertising
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