Certificate in Ethical Hacking

Certificate in Ethical Hacking also known as Certified White Hat Hacking -CWHH  is an advanced course for students intrested to make their career as ethical hacker. This course  is one of the most sort after job oriented program in the industry. Companies hire Ethical Hackers as cybersecurity experts to make their system,application hacker proof.


What I will Learn in this course?

In this course we will start with  undertanding the psychology of a Hacker,and what motivates them. Fame, Money and Disgruntlement, gathering of information , Distruction or for espionage purpose

From here we will learn about various hacking methodologies such as DDos, Website hacking,email hacking,reconcilation,reducing the repuation of target, data server hacking, information hacking.

After that we we learn about types of hackers and their specific role in the hacking world.

Black Hat Hackers – They are crackers typically hacks Credit Card Hacking, Infecting coputer systems and network  with virus.

White Hat Hacker- A penetration testor who is paid for hacking systems and application.

Grey Hat Hackers – A combination of Black Hack Hackers and White Hack Hackers.

Bouunty hunters- They are again a black box testing expert where they are hacking with the desire to receive a huge lumpsum of money sposored by some company or some website which may have bug bounty program.

From there we will dig deeper into Vunerability Assesment , Penetration Testing,White Box testing , Black Box testing , Technical Risk assessment, tools and frameworks used for hacking.

Finally we will consolidate all our learnings and see a demo of in to hack a system and application using white hack techniques.

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Introduction to Hacking

Web Penetration Tools

Introduction to Penetration Tools
Tampering Data
Security Testing Framework
Hack Application
Google Hacking
HTTP Header

Port Scanning

NMAP Port Scanner
Demo of Port Scanner
Scripts for Port Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Introduction to Nessus
Installation & Configuration of Nessus
Use cases of Nessus

Exploiting Tools for Penetration Testing

Metasploit for Penetration Testing
Metasploit Demonstration
Using msfcli Interface

Cracking Hashes

Introduction to Ophcrack
Ophcrack Demonstratin

Automating SQL Injection

Injection via GET Method
Injection via POST Method

Automated Exploitation

Install and Setup CANVAS
Browser based Exploitation

Persistent Threat

Advance Persistent Threat
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When you apply for job, a diploma or certificate acts only add weightage to your resume and make you eligible to apply for job advertisement. It is like a gatepass for getting interview calls. However you must also know skills required to do the job, else you will not be able to clear job interview. At Skillbeam you learn these skills which make you fit for the job.
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This course is available in English Language. So basic understanding of English is must for students enrolling. In future we have plan to roll out course in other languages.



Due to COVID19 Pandamic, most of schools,colleges, institutions and universities are closed. This has seriously impacted future of students.Their careers are now at stake. Government has proposed online education as the solution to this issue. So to align with this we have reduced the course fee for all diploma and certification programs. On top of that new students can get flat 10% additional discount using coupon code SKILL20. 



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This Course Curriculum is now updated. 



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This program is going to commence soon


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Certificate in Ethical Hacking
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