Diploma in Facebook Advertising


This is comprehensive course on using Facebook for Marketing.The course is divided into 3 modules, 2 assignments. During the course students will learn various strategy, tools and techniques for using facebook for marketing.

1.Facebook for Business

Having a business presence on facebook is essential for nearly any type of business these days. In this course you will learn everything you need to get started and get your business all setup using facebook. We will start you off by taking you through the basics of what facebook for  business is all about. This is where we will discuss Who what when where and  why being on facebook as a business persona. And we will also discuss the big difference between facebook profile and  facebook pages for business.Then we will take case study of two businesses and build your facebook business page. We will start off by planning it out and Developing an asset package putting it all together.

Finally we will talk about developing our community and using facebook as an effective marketing tool for  driving your business for growth. We will cover quite a bit of other topics, tips and hacks related to facebook marketing as we progress through the course.

Lets go ahead and jump right in  into the course to begin our journey in Facebook for Business.

2.Facebook Advertising Fundamentals

Welcome to Facebook Advertising Module

In this course we will take a look into how to create effective advertisements and publish them on facebook. We will be walking you through each step ,drill down on core concepts and provide you with Valuable insights along the way. We will review the basics of advertisement ,how they work and how to organize ads. From there we will look at defining advertising objectives, formulate and distribution strategy,crafting relevant targets and decide on advertising budget. As you will progress through this course, you will be taking the times learning the  ins and outs before you start. We will even go beyond the Basics of creating an ad. You will learn to manage your advertisement , view reports, analyze them and do Refinement of your ad based on Success metrics. We will even explore what it makes for a good ads and review some tweaks which you can use to Increase your ad  performance

We are excited to provide you with a Solid foundation to achieve your advertising goals.

3. Advanced Facebook Advertising 

Facebook advertising course on the basics Improvement tracking Facebook retargeting and whenever it based advertising you have a basic understanding of Facebook advertising Facebook advertising campaigns.

In this course we will take an in-depth look into facebook advertising which will take you beyond the basics of using  facebook as an efficient marketing tool.You will be learning about Power Editor, which is an integrated tool for creating and managing new advertisement campaigns.

We will also take a look into Page Post that are hidden, build custom audiences and Implement conversion Tracking.Then from there we will look at  Facebook Re targeting, add bulk sheets and plenty of other advertising tips.

This course assume that you have a basic understand of Facebook Advertising concepts, terminology and familiar with navigating the Facebook interface.If you are not already familiar with these concepts take a look at the Basics of Facebook Advertising Fundamentals course  here on Skillbeam. This fundamental course will bring you up to speed.

Facebook Advertising Fundamentals

This course is a great place to start if you are looking to take your campaign to the next level, be familiarized with the latest interface or to get new ideas for your next advertising projects. 


Introduction to Facebook Advertising

Overview of the Course

Facebook Powereditor

Power Editor Overview
Navigation with Power Editor

Managing Ads & Campaign

Campaign Structure
Creating Campaign
Bulk Campaign
Using Excel to Track
Bulk Image Management
Organizing Campaigns
Nuances Management

Managing Pages

Page Posts

Creating Custom Audiences

Custom Audience
Web Traffic
Look Alike

Advanced Power Editor Features


Using Conversion Pixel

Tag Manager
Optimizing for Local SEO

Facebook Business Manager


Retargetting on Facebook

Rule of Third
Overview of Process

Advanced Advertising Tips

A/B Testing
Leads Management


Final Words and Summary
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There is no eligibility criteria to enroll for Certification Courses. Although we expect our students to least finished their high school /10th Grade before taking these Diploma Course. These will help them to understand concepts better.
When you apply for job, a diploma or certificate acts only add weightage to your resume and make you eligible to apply for job advertisement. It is like a gatepass for getting interview calls. However you must also know skills required to do the job, else you will not be able to clear job interview. At Skillbeam you learn these skills which make you fit for the job.
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NO , we are not a diploma mill. We are an online skill development and training marketplace, which means you have to complete the course as per the guidelines provided and within stipulated time to get the diploma certificate.
This course is available in English Language. So basic understanding of English is must for students enrolling. In future we have plan to roll out course in other languages.



Due to COVID19 Pandamic, most of schools,colleges, institutions and universities are closed. This has seriously impacted future of students.Their careers are now at stake. Government has proposed online education as the solution to this issue. So to align with this we have reduced the course fee for all diploma and certification programs. On top of that new students can get flat 10% additional discount using coupon code SKILL20. 



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Diploma in Facebook Advertising
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