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Skills Test

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The 4Ps of marketing as defined by Philip Kottler are:

Which one of these statements is correct?

What are the key considerations for people in sales while they use social media for selling (Social Selling)?

Which one of the following statements is true?


How would you describe what multi-channel attribution does?


Why did Internet Service providers clamp down on personal emails being used for mailing purposes?


What makes the mobile phone the ultimate brand engagement platform?


Location is a unique feature of Mobile Marketing because ____________.

What are the two types of targeting that can be done with PPC advertising?


What do we mean by: “It’s important to maintain the scent in your PPC”?


What is an ad group?


To maintain information scent in your PPC campaign you need to:


What are the three core elements of analytics?


Which of these is NOT a building block for Google Analytics?

What does RTB stand for in Programmatic buying?

What is the purpose of inline analysis?

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